The Sinners reviewed in Flagpole Magazine

Aaron Parrett/The Sinners:

You might remember Parrett as the guy who was the picker in J's Variety, as a member of the Stumpgrinders, as one of the guys who took the opportu-nity to play his ass off in College Square during the anti-deluge that was the Olympics ... whatever, Parrett is one of the finest guitar-ists/mandolinists /banjo players in the vicinity of this city. Between the Spring of '95 and the Spring of '96, Parrett recorded a passel of songs out at Kelly Noonan's Suite 16 Studio, and brought along guests like Greg Goodrich, Mat-thew Greenia (!!!), Paul Lombard, Johnny Buckner and Danny Conkel, and the end result is an amazing album that would fit right perfect next to Townes Van Zandt or Doc Watson in your record collection. (It should also be noted that the cover artwork contains not one but two Greenias).   -Jason Slatton (Flagpole 26 July 1996)